Sunday, February 26, 2012


Does human do a thing and til some certain extend.. it jus feel so numb.. i dont feel scare, worried,or even thinking about it.....

I got a very bad habit... that is i feel no fear when the things is not til the very last min. i wonder is't a gud thing for me? or not? i'm easy to stressed up when comes to studies.. i wish i'm more smart with my brain, but it cant be help.. jus do the best i can.. well, is my life after all...

Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Many things happened in my life recently, good and bad.... but most important, i'm kinda lost recently, i'm not sure where i'm heading to, where is my direction. I believe this does happen on everyone, things seem like blur to me. well.. life goes on..

Need to find an inspiration for my life.. anyone? Any idea?

Wake up, go to class, come bak from class, cook, Organizing GIG, study, games, chit chat.... sounds pathetic.. my life isn't so happening anyway..

my back pain cuz me not to sports.. is kinda prob... which i lost my interest towards sports as well..

Anyhow, May God bless me n my family, my frens, if they are Happy, i would be very happy enough.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Well, Kinda stress lately, just hope everything gonna be alright n smooth for me. Thanks to all the people who concern about me n helping me out a lot. I really appreciate wad u all did for me.

I might be not a very gud leader but i'm trying out my very best to get jobs done n well. How to actually make ppl willing to work for u and under u, tats wad i really concern about a lot n until today i stil cant find out the way. Anyone know can please let me know? I might be very strict in the way of getting job done, but if the result is gud, i bet ppl will know y am i being tat strict.

I might not be a gud planner as well, i need ideas from everyone, but if i'm given a job. I will try my very best to do it.. at least is my responsibility to finish up where i started.

Anyway, hope things will really goes rite n nice for me :)

Friday, December 16, 2011








Winter break !!

2011 is almost til the end, 2012 gonna start very soon, ppl says.. 2012 gonna be apocalypse.. is't gonna be real?! Who knows.. no point thinking about it, as long as i do i should. I believe God has eyes to see :)

Anyway, there would be gud news and bad news, i will start with the gud news first then. Me, my cousins n my roomie will be going for vacation this winter! We are going to Spain n Porgutal for this winter break! for around 13 days? If not mistaken about the date.. and heard that the shopping there gonna be very cheap! Food there gonna be very cheap!! This would be the one i've been anticipating about!!! Looking forward for it!

Bad news is about the trip as well ): This trip might just end up with me and my cousin only, the other 2 are might cant go due to some exams problem. I think we booked the ticket quiet earlier so dint concern about their exams, totally forgot about it. Aikzz... Hope they will settle the things so we can go in a group n have fun together. Hope for the best, prepare for the worst. This is wad i would put in sentence.

Anyway, my exam (operative surgery) is still pending.. due to heavy cycle i'm having now and also the next cycle gonna be another heavy cycle. i've no time to study and I'm actually kinda worried about it.. but nothing can be done.. will see how.

Also, my back is giving more and more problem recently. Even sitting too long period, like 30 min will give me back pain ( near lumbar vertebra and pelvic bone). Is been 5 months i'm having back pain, it never been better n having constant pain. I think is because of too frequent sit up i've been doing during summer break this year, NO six packs but back PAIN D: hope it will recover ASAP so i dont have to see a doctor if not i'm gonna face lots of problem. God Bless me.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Harder n harder

Life in Russia is getting harder n harder for me.. although i got lots of free time after the class, but the subject itself.. really drive me crazy.. everyday i've to study for class, what makes me relieve is i like the subject that i'm having this cycle. At least it makes me more interested in studying n pushing myself to study.

Recently something sad is happening in my family, my emotion is not very stable n i very easily get angry D: i seriously duno what is happening to me and this few days i'm having server headache. Many things bang into me this few weeks, kinda hard for me to handle it, yet i've to.. 1 by 1.. i believe.. God, please give me strength to go on with what i'm doing now, ur strength, means a lot to me.

As many ppl know, they always see a cheerful side and a childish side of me.. deep down.. actually there is another me which i dun really wanna reveal to anyone, other than HER.  Thanks to her, i've less stress, everytime, look at her.. it makes me feel better, i dun expect too much, i think i'm happy with my life with her presence. Thanks to God.